Priveleged Access Management (PAM)

Privilege Account Management

Discover and manage privileged accounts, privilege activities of onpremise or cloud services. TRASA integrates with existing identity service within organization(active directory, ldap services, cloud identity services) to automate privilege account management process.
identity management

Single Sign On

Administrators manages servers and services and assign access to servers and services to users under certain policies . User logs into TRASA dashboard and access to pre-assigned services without need of entering another credentials.

Dual Factor Authentication

TRASA supports native agent based (strongest) and agentless (controlled with TRASA gateway) dual factor authentication or second step verification method. Administrator can add dual factor authentication to any https, rdp or ssh services.

Password and Secrets Vault

Vault is one of the safest storage to store secrets. Encrypted with 256-bit AES and encryption key sharded into 5 parts, TRASA controls stores to secrets in most secure way possible. Once the secret storage is unsealed, TRASA requires additional access token to access the secret which is again sharded into 5 parts. This makes single key comprimise less effective.

Session Audit and Analytics

TRASA offers session monitoring features (live or recorded) which can be used to inspect malaicious sessions for authorized user accounts. This is powerful feature to track session history, dig for audit trails and identify malicious sessions. TRASA can record secure shells(SSH) , remote desktop(RDP), and https(web services).