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Nepal Bangladesh Bank

Nepal Bangladesh Bank Ltd. is a leading 'A' class commercial bank licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank. Nepal Bangladesh Bank started its banking operation from 6th June 1994. Nepal Bangladesh Bank was established as a joint venture bank with IFIC Bank Ltd. Bangladesh.

The challenge

Nepal Bangladesh Bank must comply with security standards and regulations criteria set by national-level financial service authority. Auditors and regulators have talked continuously about multi-factor authentication as a must-have over the years. We also had internally faced challenges regarding the accountability of console and remote access made to our servers by our employees and contractors.

The requirements

To contain risks of password compromise, we needed to implement a second step (second-factor) authentication. To address accountability and threats of privileged access compromises, we required a privileged access management system that records every authenticated and authorized user's action to critical services with seamless support for Windows server, workstations, Linux servers, and Database.

The Solution

Seknox's zero-trust access control platform TRASA solved both of our second-factor authentication and privileged access management challenges. Implementing this solution also means we have to manage only a single product, deal with a single vendor, which increases both our operational efficiency without compromising on security. Seknox TRASA's second-factor authentication with just in time authorization feature ensures secure access for employees and contractors.

Furthermore, the PAM feature records every action performed by a user, which gives us full visibility of what a user does in authenticated and authorized sessions. The session recording part keeps everyone accountable for access.

Nepal Bangladesh bank now can safely allow console and remote access to critical servers to their employees and 3rd party vendors.