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F1 Soft

F1Soft International is the largest Fintech company in Nepal, connecting over 8 million people to various financial services in a manner that is efficient, affordable, and real-time. F1Soft International has been working in the field of software development and IT services since 2004.

The challenge

Our system engineering, DevOps, and support team need continuous access to servers hosted on our internal infrastructure and servers we manage on our customer's infrastructure. The risk of insider threats is very critical to our business. While SIEM monitors events executed in our network and servers, we have a complete blind view on what our team does in remote access to our customer's infrastructure. Visibility and control of remote access are critical for accountability and building trust with our customers.

We also have to comply with PCI and to achieve this, and we needed an access control system that satisfies PCI requirements without breaking our current workflow.

TRASA as the solution

Seknox TRASA's secure remote access with privileged access control features records every action performed by our team, which gives us full visibility of what a user does in authorized sessions. This feature has established accountability and awareness to our users and has build trust with our customers.

TRASA also satisfies PCI requirements 7,8 and 10, which made our compliance efforts much efficient. TRASA is now a single source of the access point to connect to protected servers, both for our internal infrastructure and remote access to our customer's servers. Since it acts as a gateway server for every remote access (RDP, SSH, HTTPs, TCP), anything that seems threats are appropriately controlled and contained without the need to change all of our existing workflows.