Founder & CEO

Sakshyam Shah

Founder & CEO

Posted on: Thu Sep 10 2020

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Announcing TRASA 1.0 release

Protect your server and services with TRASA

Announcing TRASA 1.0 release

We are excited to announce the general availability of Seknox TRASA 1.0. TRASA is a unified access control platform. We say it's a unified platform because it features two-factor authentication (like Duo Security, Gemalto SafeNet...), privilege access management (like CyberArk, Thycotic), zero trust access (like Google's beyondCorp) into a single platform.

This release includes following features:

  • Native Two factor authentication: Protecting remote access to windows and Linux servers with two factor authentication.
  • Privilege Access Management: Monitoring and controlling regular and administrative user access.

Why did seknox started TRASA project?

Regardless of organization size and compliance mandates, access control is core component of security strategy. Yet most business fails to do it correctly. When it comes to the balance between usability and security, access control systems are usually perceived as a blocker, blocker to fast and continuous access.

TRASA started out as a closed source project. But open source has been always a core element of our codebase. In fact, open-source toolchain has been always one of the competitive advantages that allowed us fast pace innovation and time to market.

What is next for TRASA